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Activated Charcoal Powder- 8 oz

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Charcoal has been used as a purifier. Charcoal aids your body in cleansing itself of toxins and metabolic impurities.   Our Charcoal Powder is made from hardwood. As a wood-based activated carbon, it is highly adsorbent due to the particles’ large surface area and high volume of pores compared to activated charcoal produced from other, non-wood materials. In fact, wood-based carbon has twice the pore volume as carbon created from coal, lignite, and coconut. As a result, high purification happens in a shorter time while using less carbon. Making our Charcoal powder simple Miraculous.

  • FACIAL MASK - Organic charcoal powder is great for detoxing skin. Draws out dirt and toxins, clearing pores. Ideal for acne prone skin
  • INTERNAL DETOX - Charcoal powder gently absorbs toxins and chemicals in the body

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